Ricky's Achievements

  1. To first believe that all things are possible, regardless if it never has been done before.
  2. To help people at every turn of my life, believing it is my divine purpose.
  3.  To never forget the people along the way.
  4. To put honesty & integrity first; to make deception and shadiness a thing of the past.
  5. To develop at least one new proficiency a year.
  6. To  create a path similar that my daughters would be proud of.
  7. To never fear mistakes, but only the absence of creative, constructive and corrective responses to those mistakes.
  8. To listen twice as much as I speak.
  9. To balance my career and family both; giving they are equally important.
  10. To establish my home as a sanctuary for reflection and serenity, and not confusion, partying or disarray.
  11. Exercise wisdom in teaching my children and other youth the greatness inside themselves.
  12. To be a political voice for those who cannot speak or don't have the platform to.
Ricky's Writings.

Rick has found writing to be one of his passions completing the following works since his wrongful incarceration:

Poetic Mind (a poetry book)

Twisted Fate (book based on Ricky's case)

Eyes Like Mine (a poetry book)

Faces : "A Journey Through Prison" (Journal from 1998 through 2001)

"Life's Infinite Struggle"(self discover book)

"Story Time" (children's book)

"Yesterdays Love"
(movie screen play)

"Last Run"
(movie screen play)

"Double Life"
(movie screen play)

"Saving Raven"(movie screen play)

"If I Could Live in My Dreams"(novel)

"I Want to Be Like My Father" (play)

"Purpose in Your Pain" (play)

"Not on My Own" (play)

"Measure of a Man" (play)

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