About Ricky

Ricky Lamont Kidd was born in 1974 in Kansas City, Missouri, to a loving mother, Vicki Kidd.  Ricky was the youngest of two children, his sister, Nicki, being a few years older.  They grew up as a close family, in a close setting, where morals, values, principles and respect was the order of the day.  Despite Ricky’s father not being around, his mother created a nurturing home environment necessary for proper growth.


However, as Ricky turned 12 years old, things took a turn, creating a traumatic change in his life.  The kid who was well mannered and on track, began to make poor decisions.  His grandmother,  who pushed him the right direction, passed away.  At the same time, his mother began taking on problems of her own; fighting a substance abuse addiction that proved critical to the family structure she worked so hard to establish.  Ricky began hanging with the wrong crowd, staying out late, skipping school, and eventually dropping out of school.  Although very bright and intelligent, his decision making process had created an environment that would eventually land him in prison for a crime he did not commit.


Though Ricky was not into using drugs, the lifestyle choice of selling drugs had equally devastating consequences, while all along creating a false sense of success and security.  It seemed like the American Dream, this lifestyle he chose to partake in, yet was no more than an illusion that he would soon come to realize.


In late 1995 this realization began to set in with Ricky, but not “cold turkey”.  Still drawn by the allure of  fast money and a path to success, he attempted to reason with himself; “ if only for a little while longer, then I’ll quit”.  He would enroll into college for business classes, while perhaps even have the finances to open his own business.  That was the farthest from what he would see happen.


In early 1996 Ricky’s poor choices had come to collect, irrespective to his desire to move into a different direction.  Past associates made their way into town and would make a move that would take the lives of not only their victims but the life of there old associate as well.  Within a year from that time, Ricky found himself twisted up in Twisted Fate- found guilty of a murder he had absolutely nothing to do with.


Since Ricky’s wrongful conviction, he chose to turn a negative into a positive.  Asking himself,” How did I get here”?  The answers to that question revealed the series of poor choices he made.  He also knew that not only did he have to pluck old seeds, but also planted new ones; seeds that would take time to grow but once developed, put him back on track with a life of purpose and meaning.  Ricky has spent the past 15 years doing just that.


He began the journey of taking programs, then began facilitating programs.  Eventually he moved on to creating and establishing programs inside the prison institution.  His leadership and positive attitude began to permeate throughout the community he found himself in.  Yet his greatest accomplishment was not in completing and creating programs; it was in discovering and meeting the man inside himself, the person he was born to be, and would have become much earlier, had he not made the selection of choices early on.


Against many odds and (self built) obstacles, despite the injustice he has faced pertaining to his case, all has not been lost.  Instead, much has been found.  Ricky hopes that one day he can leave a message that will inspire the world, and for now, it is clear that his journey for greatness… has many more steps in it.

 "My life is my message. "

Mahatma Gandhi

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